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Want to own your own Joe Magnus pin-up now is your chance

This is the pin-up of Joe from Jambrea Jo Jones’ Semper Fi Series available at Total-eBoundĀ 

Or the digital drawing of Patric and GabrielĀ from Wishing Star

$ 3 each

e-mail to order

The awesome art work you see on these two dominoes was originally created by

Rhys McDonald for Joe Magnus and Christie Gordon created Patric and Gabriel.

I just took their work and gave it a different showcase


$3.00 each (Buy 3 Get 1 Free)

e-mil to place order (custom ordering available)

Halloween will be here sooner than you think

We all have that one friend that is crazy about Halloween,

why not give them something different this year.

Click on image to view larger

Sold as a set

$5.00 a set

e-mail to order

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